Omnia Stovetop Oven Kit (Oven + Storage Bag + Rack)




The Omnia’s simple, robust design features three parts that work together to provide heat from above and below: the pan, the base and the lid. These three parts must always be used together.

The Omnia Pan is a specially designed circular container with a hole in the middle. It stands on a bowl-shaped base that also has a hole in the middle. The base is designed to direct heat from the heat source around the bottom of the Omnia Pan. The holes in the base and the Omnia pan conduct the heat up and through the Omnia where it hits the lid and provides heat from the top.

Omnia Stove

The Omnia works on all heat sources except induction stovetops. The heat of the Omnia will vary in relation to the heat source used.

If this is the first time you are using your Omnia, we recommend testing with a simple recipe, such as a ready-made cake batter, to figure out the right heat for your particular stove.


  • - Base: Stainless steel, high-quality SS430
  • - Omnia Pan and lid: Aluminum


    Diameter: 20.3 cm

    Pan volume: 1.9 liter

    Pan height: 7 cm

    "Utility height" including knob: 14 cm

    Weight: 0.5 Kg

    Storage Bag

    Round polyester bag, approx. 11½ inches in diameter. An easy way to carry and store your Omnia and accessories.

    Oven Rack

    A custom made baking rack for Omnia

    Makes cooking, baking and steaming easier. For everything you want the hot air to circulate around, such as:

      - Baked potatoes
      - Fries
      - Chicken wings
      - Pre-baked bread

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