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MoonAnchors - Sprinter Rail Anchors

Anchor method specially designed for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van roof rails.

About Sprinter Rail Anchors

Designed for NCV3 (2006-present) Sprinters with factory roof rails, these anchors kits include laser cut aluminium nuts that drop anywhere into the rail and lock into place by tightening the stainless steel eye bolt, so there’s no need to remove your roof rack, solar panels, or other existing hardware.

All-stainless and aluminium hardware won’t rust, and provide a secure, permanent mounting point for your MoonShade.

Includes 2.

    Stainless steel + laser cut aluminium.

    Trapezoidal Nut:
    3.8cmL x 1.43cmW x 0.48cmH

    Ring Bolt Length:
    4.13cm L

    Ring Bolt Inner Diameter:


    You’re Covered

    MoonShade is a portable vehicle awning that offers reliable coverage, day or night, to your outdoor site. With a variety of anchoring systems, it sets up easily and attaches to almost any sturdy structure. MoonShade provides 275cm by 215cm coverage but packs down tight and weighs only 3.6kg, making breakdown and storage a breeze.

    Heavy Duty. Not Heavy.

    MoonShade’s efficient design offers durable protection and only weighs 3.6kg.

    Shade or Shine.

    Maximum sun protection by day. Reflective illumination by night.

    Big Coverage. Small Bag.

    MoonShade covers a 275x215cm site and packs down to about the size of a yoga mat.

    Durable Construction

    Lightweight Material

    Packable Design

    Easy Attachment


    There are MANY things that make MoonShade awesome, but we want to focus on the easily digestible number of THREE. The top three things that make MoonShade stand out from other options on the market are its versatility, portability, and design.

    1. Versatile

    While many of the awnings and sunshades on the market are designed for only one purpose or space (i.e, the side of a vehicle, the beach, etc.), with MoonShade, we’ve created a shade solution that is as versatile as your imagination. Our simple and thoughtful design allows you to attach MoonShade to any kind of vehicle, as well as trees, fences, patios, and anything else you might come up with. Looking for a sunshade to hook to the fence at your kid’s ballgame? MoonShade has you covered. Looking for an awning to mount to the back of your SUV to tailgate and grill-out in comfort before the big game? MoonShade has you covered. Looking for a sunshade to attach to a tree while you’re camping? MoonShade has you covered. Looking for the perfect van life awning that you can mount to the side of your vehicle, but quickly pack up to take elsewhere as well? MoonShade has you covered. Using the included carabiners, suction cups, and strut pole, along with fixed mounting points (roof racks, fences), and other accessories you may already have at home (such as hammock straps), the configurations of MoonShade become endless. With MoonShade, you’re covered.

    2. Portable

    Because we designed MoonShade to be versatile, we also made it easily portable because we want you to be able to quickly pack it up and comfortably carry it wherever you’re going. MoonShade packs up to about the size of a yoga mat carrier and weighs in at under 8 pounds. The lightweight carry bag with shoulder strap makes traveling with it a cinch.

    3. Well Designed

    At every turn, we designed MoonShade with you in mind, using high-quality lightweight but strong materials for MoonShade fabric, poles, and accessories. Placing the tension poles above (but not in contact with) the fabric, we’re able to create a strong self-supporting structure. The slightly-domed shape created by the arc of the tension poles also allows for rain to roll off the sides of MoonShade and evenly disperses light from your lantern clipped to the underside of MoonShade. For more feature information, see our main product page.

    Yes! While MoonShade is not technically “waterproof,” it will shed rain in much the same way as an umbrella does. That is, there isn’t a waterproof membrane or coating, but the 420D ripstop polyester fabric is water-resistant and will shed rainwater off the sides and away from what’s beneath it.. In our manufacturing process, we’ve opted not to use chemical waterproofing treatments or polyurethane/DWR coatings. This was done for two reasons: First, these coatings decrease the service life of the fabric, so MoonShade should enjoy a much longer life in the sun without the added coatings. And second, many of these coatings are very harmful to the environment. While there are no special waterproofing treatments, polyester fabrics by nature absorb less water and dry faster than their nylon counterparts. The domed shape also helps to shed water more efficiently, where flat awnings often sag as water puddles on their surface. Please note that while MoonShade can work well to shield you from light rain and was designed to be durable and strong, no awning is engineered for extreme weather or environments, including thunderstorms or gusty winds. If bad weather moves in, it is safest for you, others, and your equipment to stow your MoonShade until it passes. Don’t forget to dry it out once the sun returns!

    In addition to looking great during the day, the reflective coating reflects and blocks the sun’s rays, keeping you cooler. At night, it evenly reflects the light from your LED lantern (not included). The domed shape of MoonShade keeps more light under MoonShade to illuminate all of your after-dark shenanigans.

    Of course. In addition to all of the great features we’ve mentioned above, here are some standout features we think are the bee’s knees:

    A simple cord pull set-up allows you to easily mount MoonShade to high/out-of-reach points.The included strut pole allows you to mount MoonShade to narrow structures or use only one mounting point (for attaching to a tree, for example).In addition to resting on the ground, using two suction cups to replace the rubber feet of the support poles, you can set up an angled attachment of the support poles, affixing the base of the poles to your vehicle with the suction cups. This configuration opens a bit more space under MoonShade.

    MoonShade comes with several thin lines of paracord that can be attached to the carabiners to create simple cord pulls that will allow you to clip the carabiners to out-of-reach anchor/mounting points without your feet leaving the ground.

    The strut pole is included for use whenever you are mounting the short side of MoonShade to a structure that is narrower than MoonShade. In other words, in sets upp where MoonShade will actually be longer than what you are attaching it to. It works well for mounting MoonShade to small vehicles or attaching MoonShade to structures with a single mounting/anchor point, such as a tree. If this applies to your setup situation, you can attach the strut pole by feeding the pole through the webbing loop along the centre of the short side of MoonShade fabric that will be attached to the mounting location, then connect the grommet pins on each end of the pole through the grommets on the corners of MoonShade fabric.

    If you have mounted the long side of MoonShade to your vehicle using either fixed anchor points (such as a roof rack or another fixed point on your roof) or another strong, non-suction cup mounting solution, you have a second option for the placement of your upright support poles. The first option is to set the poles upright with the base on the ground (standard setup). To do this, simply attach the support poles to the front corners of MoonShade’s fabric by connecting the grommet pins at the top end of the poles through the grommets in the front corners of the fabric. Extend the bottom ends of the poles to the ground and adjust the height as necessary. The second option is to use suction cups to affix the poles to the side of your vehicle at a 45° angle, keeping the base of the pole off the ground and opening up a bit more space at the front of MoonShade. To do this, remove the rubber feet on the base of the support poles and replace them with the non-velcro suction cups using the pinholes at the base of the poles to affix the suction cups. Attach the top of the support poles to MoonShade fabric as noted above, then extend the poles back to the vehicle, affixing the suction cups and locking them in place. Note that it is not recommended to affix the upright support poles to the vehicle with suction cups if you are already using suction cups for the top anchors of MoonShade.

    When we refer to anchors in our descriptions, we are referring to what you are using to mount MoonShade. Typically when you set up MoonShade, one side will be mounted (“anchored”) to some sort of structure – a vehicle, fence, tree, etc. – and the other side will be supported by the upright support poles. The points/parts/pieces you are using to mount MoonShade are referred to as “anchors.” For the side of MoonShade that is mounted to a structure, you have several options for how you can anchor MoonShade. Depending on your setup situation, you may use fixed/permanent anchors or set up temporary anchors. Fixed anchors are things that are already available on or attached to what you are mounting MoonShade to. They may be the structure itself. Some examples would be mounting MoonShade directly to the roof rack of your vehicle or directly to a chain link fence. MoonShade comes with sturdy carabiners attached to each corner, so you will typically be anchoring MoonShade by clipping the carabiners to your anchors. In the case of a chain link fence, you can clip the carabiners directly to the fence. Depending on the bar size and length (or width) of your vehicle’s roof rack, you may also be able to clip/anchor MoonShade directly to the roof rack with the carabiners. In many setup situations, fixed anchors are not available. In this case, you can set up temporary anchors. Temporary anchors are accessory parts that you can set up to serve as anchors and then remove when you are finished using MoonShade. We’ve designed MoonShade to be versatile, so there are many temporary anchor options that you can use to set MoonShade up in different locations. To assist with set up, we’ve included a set of four heavy-duty suction cups that can be used as anchors. Two of the suction cups have velcro straps, to be used when you are mounting the short side of MoonShade using the strut pole, and two of the suction cups are without velcro straps and can be used when you are mounting the long side of MoonShade (see the setup guide here). The suction cups work best on vehicles with metal surfaces and will suction the best to spaces that are flat and clean. While they will work with most vehicles, due to the shape and materials of some vehicles, suction cups will not necessarily work for every setup. Suction cups also work very well on glass/windows, making them a great solution if you are setting MoonShade up along a storefront window or similar location (we don’t want those Girl Scouts (or their cookies) to melt).

    Like any sunshade, awning, or tent, make sure to give your MoonShade a little TLC from time to time. The Basics: Wash it when it’s dirty. Keep it Clean. Let it Dry. Store it Dry.


    Keeping both MoonShade fabric and poles clean will help to extend the life and performance of MoonShade. Clean your shade after each trip or periodically/seasonally depending on the amount of use. Take special care to clean MoonShade if it’s been exposed to especially grimy and gritty things like tree sap, bird droppings, fine dust, sand, or salt/sea-spray from the ocean air. Salts can be particularly damaging, so always wipe down your shade, all poles, and any other accessories after leaving an ocean environment. Often an easy wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is needed; however, below are some additional tips for cleaning.


    Never machine wash or dry MoonShade fabric. Hand wash only! Use a mild, non-detergent soap and a soft bristle or non-abrasive brush or sponge. Avoid using any harsh household cleaners such as bleach, harsh dish soaps, spot removers, or other laundry pre-wash products. Also avoid perfumed products. Don’t forget to wipe down the poles! Use a washcloth or soft sponge to wipe any dirt, grime, etc. off the poles. Rinse everything with cool/cold water. Allow MoonShade fabric to completely air dry. See below for more drying info and tips!


    If it has rained, you’ve washed MoonShade, or it’s otherwise gotten wet in a massive water balloon fight or sprinkler storm, make sure to let everything, especially MoonShade fabric, dry out before packing it away. Never pack MoonShade away when it is still wet!! Storing while wet is one of the quickest and easiest ways to damage your shade fabric. Storing the fabric while wet, especially in hot or warm weather, can cause the fabric to mildew. Not only will mildew give your tent a particular funk, it can also break down fabric coatings and may leave stains. Stains from mildew are often permanent and the use of harsh chemical cleaners to remove mildew or other stains can damage MoonShade fabric and fabric coatings. Mildew, dirt, stains and/or damage from improper use of sprays, coatings, cleaning agents, or other non-recommended substances are not considered a manufacturer’s defect and are not covered under the product warranty.

    TO DRY:

    Unfold MoonShade completely Drape or hang it indoors or in a shaded outdoor spot. Shaded, you say? Yes. Your MoonShade works hard to keep you in MoonShade. Whenever possible, give it a break from UV rays and dry it out in a shaded area. Allow to air dry completely.


    Ensure the entire shade is dry before folding it up and storing it away! And.. a note on storing. It’s equally important that you store your shade in a cool dry place. Storing in a warm, damp, or musty location, such as a basement, attic, or car trunk, can also cause mildew. If you must store it in a location that isn’t ideal, store it in a sealed plastic tub, bin, or another container.

    Yes, one more thing. It’s not a bad idea to reapply UV protectant annually*. While MoonShade fabric is constructed of a heavy UV-coated polyester, reapplying UV protectant annually will help to extend the life of the fabric. *How often you need to reapply will depend on how often you are using MoonShade. If it’s something you are busting out quite a bit (hooray!), reapply annually. If you only use MoonShade from time-to-time, you won’t need to reapply as often. Everything comes with a disclaimer tag… what are the product warnings? To protect yourself, others, and MoonShade, please take the following precautions.


    Keep all flames and heat sources away from MoonShade fabric. Nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics typically resist ignition; however, if left in continuous contact with a flame source, they will ignite. Once they do start to burn and melt, they will turn into a molten goo that is very scary and will cause serious burns. Keep your shade well away from all flame sources.


    With solid structural anchoring, MoonShade can withstand winds up to 30mph. It is not engineered for more extreme weather or environments.


    Take care to ensure that all guylines are secure and fully tensioned to ensure your MoonShade is as stable as possible.


    Don’t leave MoonShade set up unattended for long periods of time. In the event of a freak wind, storm, or other natural (or manmade) disaster, it’s best to be near.


    Other than reapplying UV Protectant annually and using a mild soap to clean MoonShade, do not use any other sprays, coatings, cleaners or other substances on MoonShade fabric.

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