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Haven Tent - Sky Blue

"Make sleep the highlight of camping."

Each Haven Tent comes with everything you need to ensure you have a great night's sleep. Each kit includes the hammock body, rainfly, bug net, straps, stakes, guy lines and insulated pad.

Pack a great night's sleep into the wild. Sleep on your back, side, or stomach. With our mosquito netting and integrated rainfly you'll be comfortable come storm or stars.

Should I get Haven or Haven XL?

    Length: 2 meters
    Width: 60 cm
    Total Weight w/ Pad: 3.14 kg
    Max Capacity: 129 kg

    Both the fly and hammock are made with 70 Ripstop Polyurethane with a waterproof rating of 3000 hh.

    Haven Tents stands behind its products. If your product arrives damaged or has defects, please contact us to provide a replacement. In extenuating circumstances, we will consider return requests on a case by case basis.

    The warranty does not cover:

    Regular wear-and-tear
    Improper use
    Cosmetic, non-structural or functional damage
    Each claim will be evaluated individually. Any modifications will void the warranty.

    Haven is a hammock... only comfortable. It's a tent... but easy to set up and take down. We've combined the best of hammock camping and tent camping into one amazing lay. Our patent pending design creates a flat and ergonomic sleeping platform, no matter how you sleep...

    Forecast calls for rain? Or just headed to the park? Be prepared with the whole system wherever you go, or trim it down further to reduce weight. Rainfly 4 Kg. Mosquito netting 1 Kg.

    Haven Tent First Impressions

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    Russell Cummings
    A great night's sleep

    I have had my Haven hammock for over a year and have it extensively for motorbike camping so I'm not worried about weight. It has been amazing. I have always had issues with sleeping on hiking mats as I tend to move around a bit and at 95kg I usually find that I'm touching the ground at some point in the night. However with the Haven I sleep flat and like a baby!
    Quick set up and take down - really easy once you've located the right trees or poles. Pump bag for mattress is a great addition and makes it easy to blow up mattress. About 15 pumps.
    Comfortable - lay flat mattress is very comfortable. Side sleeping is not a problem
    Waterproof - I've endured heavy rainstorms and remained dry. You are above the ground so no Overland flow or ponding issues to contend with.
    Storage - good internal storage but not excessive. I can store motorbike jeans and jacket plus boots and hang helmet off centre ridgeline strap. A couple of handy pockets and ridge toggles give plenty of space for phones, chargers, cables, glasses, snacks, water, etc.
    Adaptable - fly and insect screens give plenty of options for cooling. Air flow is great. Not claustrophobic.
    Storage - no room for cooking or gear storage. I use a waterproof duffel and locate it outside the tent. Waterproof but not very secure although I've never had any issues.
    Trees - you need a site with 2 trees/poles about 5 m apart. I also carry 2 tent poles so that I can pitch it on the ground if necessary.
    Narrow - I'm 95kg and 180cm tall - length is not a problem however it's tight at the shoulders. XL version wasn't available when I got mine. I will upgrade at some point. Space is at a premium so getting changed is a challenge but doable. You can sit up.
    Tree straps aren't long enough for big trees. Designed for North American forests not Aussie gum trees. I take 2x 4m cam buckle straps as bike gear tiedowns and these have been very helpful in fixing the hammock to bigger trees.
    A great tent for camping out on any sort of terrain although you do need trees or posts so maybe not for outback, desert camping! Comfortable sleeping, compact, design, easy set up and adaptable. I'd recommend it if you have trouble sleeping while camping. Great for moto-camping.