Haven RidgeLight

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Set the mood and illuminate your Haven ⭐️

Introducing a dimmable LED light strip. Compatible with all versions of the Haven Tent.

Unlike other LED strips, our RidgeLight shines a very warm light. It can be soft and subtle or bright enough to light up camp.

When packed up the RidgeLight also makes a great lantern.

Strip Length: 78 in / 2 m
Lantern Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g
*USB power source not included

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haven ridgelight

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very good customer service and proven products

I’d researched Haven prior, knew what I was getting and had watched the how to videos.
10 minutes to set up alone and most of that was blowing up the mattress.
Comfortable, oh yes!!
Spacious, yes - essential in the su-tropics
Safe and easy to get in and out, that middle line makes balancing a breeze.
Gently swaying to sleep, priceless.

Mark Concepcion

cool lights, great for the outdoors

Paul Gill
Warranty claim

My first Haven Ridgelight failed. I had used it 4 times. Contacted for warrranty, had a replacement sent fast.
Good product, very useful, very versatile out bush or at home for backup light or parties etc.
Confident my first was not indicative of overall quality.

Cool but Fragile

Mine broke after a few uses. Handle with caution. Impressive glow, but limited durability. I wouldn't recommend it.

sarah s
Brilliant little design 🤩

I now have a perfect light set up inside my rooftop tent.
USB charging port is perfect and easy, plus the dimmable option is wonderful for relaxing and I still have enough light to see the stars at night.
They’re super light weight and simple to transport. Great for camping!