Barebones Beacon Lantern

Color Olive Drab
Shed some light on life's journey with the Barebones Beacon. Our light comes with a smooth dimming feature that allows you to completely brighten your surroundings or simply set the mood. Hanging is a snap with its carabiner top, and standing is a cinch with its sturdy base. The Beacon comes with a 75cm cord for its rechargeable battery—which lasts 200+ hours on low or three hours on high. And thanks to a convenient battery life indicator, you'll never be left in the dark.

Rechargeable battery
Emits up to 220 Lumens
Can run up to 200 hours on low before needing to be recharged
Comes with 75cm charging cord

9.5cm W x 12.7cm H (17.15cm H with carabiner)
LED: 3 Watt Cree
Light Spectrum: 3000K
Lumens: Low: 30 High: 220
Battery: (1) 8W Lithium-Ion Cell
Recharge Time: 4-5 Hours
Hours: Low: 200+ Med: 5-6 High: 3 (depending on setting)
Input: 5V, Up to 1A Max

Stamped Steel

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: If you have the brightness turned all the way up, it will last right around 3 hours, it you have the lantern set to it's dimmest, it will last 200+ hours.

Q: How often do I need to charge my beacon to keep the battery from dying?
A: You should recharge your lantern's battery once every 3-4 months to help maintain the longevity of the battery.

The Materials

The Beacon Lantern is made from only three materials: stamped steel, plastic, and rubber. Durable in nature, they can withstand years of use—from the backyard to the backcountry. Stamped steel protects the interior lighting cover while still keeping the design lightweight and practical.

The Inspiration

The Beacon Lantern was inspired by two durable and lasting lighting pieces that came before it. The body shape and protective casing are based on a traditional fisherman’s lantern called an onion lamp. These lanterns served as a primary source of light for fishermen. They aided the crew in staying the course through even the most tumultuous elements.

The traditional coal miner’s lamp serves as another source of inspiration. Anchored throughout underground mining tunnels, these lanterns served as miners’ guardians as they worked through dangerous, dark environments. Our carabiner top is a nod to the effectiveness and versatility of this historic lantern.

The Design

We took the classic components of the onion and coal miner’s lamp and added modern functionality, safer design, and a high-quality 220 lumen output. Included rechargeable battery allows up to 200 hours of light and the 30” charging cord makes quick, easy work of plugging the beacon in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Giovani Mazza
Top notch

Great finishing, perfect for camping. Wasn’t expecting to be dimmable so great surprise. Recommend.

Liz F

It great! Gives me happy warm feeling with its light. I love the way the usb cord in the lamp.

Seung Hwan Kim
Really beautiful light

Recommend l