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Haven XL - Forest Green

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"Make sleep the highlight of camping."

Haven XL. The same amazing lay flat design, with more wiggle room. This package comes with the complete tent: hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps, stakes, insulated pad and guy lines.

Pack a great night's sleep into the wild. Sleep on your back, side, or stomach. With our mosquito netting and integrated rainfly you'll be comfortable come storm or stars.

Note: The tents shown are prototypes. The actual hammock body green will be the same as our current Forest Green Haven Tent β„’.

Should I get Haven or Haven XL?

    Length: 198 cm
    Width: 76 cm
    Packed Size: 40.6x20.3x14 cm
    Total Weight w/ Pad: 3.23 kg

    Despite being bigger, the Haven XL's weight is close to the same as the original Haven Tent. We did this by using a combination of materials for the XL. For the hammock bottom we used the same 70d ripstop polyester, the hammock sidewalls are 40d ripstop polyester, and the rainfly is 20d ripstop polyester.

    This sheds weight without giving up any waterproofing. 4000 hh waterproofing for both rainflys and 3000 hh for the hammock bodies.

    The XL hammock body and rainfly are lighter than the original, but the pad is also larger and made from the same 40d material.

    Haven Insulated Pad XL:
    Our original insulated air mattress was re-designed to maximise the internal space and performance of the XL tent. Horizontal baffles help keep the space open and the stuff sack converts to a pump bag for easy inflation.
    R-Value: R4
    Length: 198 cm
    Width: 76 cm
    Weight: 1 kg
    Packed Size: 38 x 12 cm
    Material: 40D Ripstop Nylon

    Haven Tents stands behind its products. If your product arrives damaged or has defects, please contact us to provide a replacement. In extenuating circumstances, we will consider return requests on a case by case basis.

    The warranty does not cover:

    Regular wear-and-tear
    Improper use
    Cosmetic, non-structural or functional damage
    Each claim will be evaluated individually. Any modifications will void the warranty.

    Haven is a hammock... only comfortable. It's a tent... but easy to set up and take down. We've combined the best of hammock camping and tent camping into one amazing lay. Our patent pending design creates a flat and ergonomic sleeping platform, no matter how you sleep...

    Forecast calls for rain? Or just headed to the park? Be prepared with the whole system wherever you go, or trim it down further to reduce weight. Rainfly 4 Kg. Mosquito netting 1 Kg.

    Haven XL Testimonial
    Haven Tent is Strong

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    Praise From The Competition

    The Haven XL is a great product that took a couple of sleeps to get used to and learn the secret is keeping the mattress properly inflated; if it is low the whole thing sags. The Achilles Heel is the mattress, so bring some Gorilla Tape in case repairs are needed. Inflating the mattress in the pouring rain is also a bit tedious but you can guy out the fly for some cover, or put a tarp up first and work under it. My only other whinge is the straps are too short for my liking; longer ones would be nice.

    If you have any questions or issues, email the company. Dealing with Derek is always a pleasure; he is a decent bloke who I think is as genuine in the flesh as he comes across in the videos and in his emails.

    When I bought my Haven XL in 2022 I weighed 154kg (338lb), well above the 129kg (284lb) limit. Having watched Derek load one up with hundreds of kilos of weight I took the risk and have had no issues. I'm now under 140kg (280lb) and dropping but have since switched to a different brand of lay-flat hammock which is rated well above my weight and has other features I like the Haven XL doesn't have. I am also now the Australasian Distributor for the other brand, by the way. Having said that, the Haven XL has features my brand doesn't, such as the fly can be guyed out to provide an awning to sit under and the Haven XL has some handy interior features like the pockets and so on, but it is heavier.

    If you're moto-camping, horse camping or bicycle camping, car camping or don't have to hump the 3.5kg far and want a tent/hammock you can sit in like a seat, sleep in and so on; this is a great product from a really decent company. While as I said I no longer use it myself, there's no way I'll sell my Haven XL as it gives my customers the chance to choose for themselves which hammock they prefer. So far I haven't lost anyone to Haven XL but if I did, terrific! At least I know I helped a fellow outdoors lover get a great night's sleep. The Haven XL is a little bit more expensive than my brand but the old saying 'buy once, cry once' holds true. Quality always wins and the quality and enjoyment of the Haven XL will remain long after the price is forgotten. I just ordered their Hammock LED Lights and I know it will be just as Derek says it is in the video. If you buy a Haven XL I know you'll love it.

    Awesome novelty but don't rely on it

    I bought the Haven xl back in November last year with the intention of doing a lap of Australia on my motorbike.

    The Haven packs down very small and very light and when it works it works well.

    The problem is that if the inflatable mattress springs a leak then the hammock loses its structure, you lose your insulation and the hammock turns into a bag and becomes very uncomfortable. You can't repair the leaks either because it's the cross welds in the mattress that go and when they go they spring multiple leaks.

    I've gone through two mattresses so far.

    Also the waterproofing in the flysheet goes as does the waterproof tape on the inside on the hammock. You only find out that the waterproofing had gone in a heavy rain...

    So if you're planning on being along way from a camping store, perhaps look at getting something else.

    Michael T
    Great product

    Good product, well designed and made. I’m glad I got the XL. 180cm tall 80kg.
    Fly gives more coverage than I thought.
    Only complaint was let down by Aust post in delivery. Not suppliers problem.
    Far more comfy than on the ground. It does fold up a bit length ways. And you will loose some mattress pressure as it cools through the night. Enjoy. I am.

    Adrienne Simmons
    Love this product

    This is our second Haven Tent. I bought the XL this time because my daughter liked sleeping in it with me and the original size was a bit squishy. It is so comfortable as I always struggled with sleeping during camping because of discomfort. I have seen other hammock tents but honestly think this is the best one on the market by far!