We Found The Best Camping Tent for 2021.

We Found The Best Camping Tent for 2021.

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You have been planning that next vacation of yours because you have been working so hard and you deserve it. Or the holiday season is coming up and you want to have a little getaway with the love ones.
Whatever your reason is and what type of activity you are planning. Often times you will be doing something outdoor related.
Whether you are a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, or a person who is exploring a way to venture out in the nature. Camping might be one of the top choices on the list.
If that's you, then I am sure we've all been through the same struggle. We all have our own perfect version of an outdoor life when planning an adventure. Who doesn't like to be soaking up in the sun, and embraced by the endless greenness. But the process of preparing for a few nights out in the wild can often be a daunting task.

Which Camping Tent Should I get?

camping tent
This is normally the first question that comes to my mind. Whether you are camping solo, or with a group of friends, shopping for an ideal camping tent is never easy.
Size - Depending on how many people you plan to fit in tent, typical options can be from 1p to 10p. The more people you are trying to fit in a tent, the bigger and heavier the tent will be.
Type - dome tent, family tent, hiking tent, touring tent... there seems to be endless options for every occasion. Which one should I get? Which type can accommodate most outdoor scenarios and give me the most bang for the buck?
Accessory - Side panel, side awning, rain fly, floor mat... once again we are faced with endless options. Some tents come with those options and some don't. Sometimes you prefer to make your own choice instead of getting the "more-than-you-need" all in one package. It all then leads back to one problem, the fancier the option you go with, the less portable it will be.
Price - Without going into the details of all the pros and cons between different types of tents. Few simple points such as above can already make a big difference in pricing. Added cost is almost inevitable when choosing a tent. The least you would need is an air mattress or a sleeping bag for minimum comfort when spending overnight out in the nature.

The Most Ideal Solution. Haven Tent.

haven tent

Haven Tent is a successfully funded Kickstarter and Indiegogo project. It is a simple, lightweight, all-in-one hammock tent with the aim to solve the problems mentioned above .
Thanks to the insulated air mattress that comes with the tent, you are able to lay flat comfortably in the tent. The design of the Structural Ridgeline allows you to lay flat regardless of tree spacing. It also provides extra stability and a place to hang your gear.
haven tent
Out of the box Haven tent provides proven comfort and it is easy to set up. Unlike the traditional tent, it doesn't need a flat ground for set up. It also provides unobstructed views like a regular hammock does.
There is no problem setting up the Haven Tent when you can't find trees. With the help of trekking poles, Haven Tent makes a great bivy.
Haven Tent also comes with mosquito netting and rainfly so you are prepared wherever you go. Even with all the added benefits, it still manages to stay in a relative small and lightweight package.
haven tent
haven tent
Haven Tent is, in our view, the most ideal solution for an outdoor tent. It provides the most essential elements a quality outdoor lifestyle needs in an all-in-one package without sacrificing portability and comfort.

Before you go

Speaking of portability, check out the Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio
It has everything you need to elevate your campfire cooking experience. Portable, durable and lightweight, it's the ultimate addition to any outdoor adventure.


What's your excuse now? Grab a Haven Tent now and get out more often!
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