7 Ways To Use The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

7 Ways To Use The All-in-One Cast Iron Grill

From a favored secret recipe to the lucky pan that cooks every dish to perfection, we all have that one trick up our sleeve to wow our guests for dinner. Our trick is the Barebones All-in-One Grill––which is more like an entire coat full of tricks. The All-in-One really has it all: a cast iron wok-shaped grill base and a domed cast iron lid, a grill grate that fits in the base, a baking steel that fits in the grill base and over the tripod, a tripod stand that fits a charcoal tray and its windshield, as well as a grate lifter and a belt to hold it all together while you travel. All these pieces of the cast iron grill combine to create multiple cooking configurations so you can go from sautéing to grilling to baking without looking for a different pan.

The All-in-One Grill has been a best-seller since it first launched, and people are catching onto the magic it brings to outdoor cooking. Read on to see just a handful of ways you can use the All-in-One to showcase your outdoor cooking skills and impress your friends and family.


1. It’s right there in the name, so go ahead and use it as a grill.

Barebones AIO Iron Cast Grill

The All-in-One Grill is self-contained so you can use it practically anywhere. Set up the tripod, or simply nestle the cast iron grill base into a fire-safe place, add hot coals, and use the grate lifter to settle the grate over your coals.

What makes the All-in-One cast iron better than any other barbecue pit?

  • The grate has a cross-hatching pattern so you can cook smaller items like asparagus or flaky fish, and they won’t fall through to the coals below
  • You can line the grill base with tinfoil before adding coals so when you’re done cooking and everything is cooled-down, cleanup is a breeze
  • Because both the base and the lid are cast iron, you get a more even distribution of heat throughout the cooking process so your foods get fully cooked while still having the benefit of direct heat to sear or char to your heart’s content


2. Shake up your outdoor menu with a care-free stir-fry

Barebones AIO Iron Cast Grill

The biggest challenge with making stir-fry at home is keeping the kitchen clean and not setting off the smoke detector, which is why you should stir-fry outside. The All-in-One Grill doesn’t just look like a wok, it is a wok, so follow these steps and toss the burgers aside for a night:

  • Set up the cast iron wok in the tripod with the coal tray below
  • Build up a large mound of hot coals using a charcoal chimney
  • Use a low-smoke oil like sesame or walnut and generously oil the interior of the grill base
  • Once the oil is shimmering hot, almost to the smoke point, add all your veggies and any meats, then continuously stir using a wooden spatula until everything is cooked to temp
  • Add spices and additional flavored sauces just before serving


3. Break out of routine and whip up a creamy fondue.

The depth of the All-in-One Grill base is perfect for melting together some of your favorite cheeses with a little bit of white wine or beer. Bring along your favorite veggies to dip, as well as some slices of meat and some fresh sourdough bread to dip into the warm, gooey fondue.

Cleaning the cast iron grill after making fondue is easy:

  • Wipe the remaining cheese from the cast iron with a paper towel or rag
  • Add fresh water and bring to boil over a fire or with coals
  • Scrape the interior of the grill base as the water boils
  • Dump the water and wipe the interior again to remove any last remnant of cheese - a stainless steel cleaning mesh makes quick work of removing stuck or burnt-on foods
  • Thoroughly dry the entire All-in-One base, then add a protective layer of oil to the interior


4. Get the grill on the table and serve some brunch tacos.

There is a reason that roadside tacos from a truck or stand taste the best - they’re cooked outside. Bring together your favorite friends for a tabletop taco brunch and show off your multi-functional All-in-One cast iron grill.

  • Set the tripod up on the end of the table and get a set of coals glowing (Hot tip! Try using binchotan charcoal, which has a low smoke output, so nobody will mind having the grill on the table)
  • Put the charcoal in the charcoal tray on the tripod and set the All-in-One base on the stand
  • Saute a few vegetables then add some eggs to bring together a scramble
  • Pull the hot base off the tripod and set it onto a trivet in the center of the table - it will keep your scramble warm while you finish prepping your tacos
  • Keeping the tripod and charcoal in place on the table, add the baking steel on top
  • Finish your brunch prep by warming your tortillas on the baking steel

Barebones AIO Iron Cast Grill


5. Spend more time gazing into the fire and less time stirring.

There are few things more mesmerizing and relaxing than a fire crackling under a wide-open sky. With the All-in-One Grill, you can set up your fire and prep your dinner, then spend the rest of the evening staring into the flames while your meal cooks slowly over the coal tray.

Barebones AIO Iron Cast Grill

Some great foods to slow cook with the cast iron grill include:

  • Pork shoulder with potatoes and carrots
  • Brisket with wine and onions
  • Sweet potato stew

Start with the charcoal tray higher in the tripod to initially sear your protein and saute vegetables, then add water, vegetable broth, or another liquid of your choice. Bring everything to boil, then drop the charcoal tray to the lower setting to maintain an even, low heat. Now, turn your eyes to the fire and relax while the cast iron grill does the work for you.


6. Reward yourself with a perfectly-cooked catch of the day.

There is no better ending to a fishing trip than enjoying the catch of the day for dinner. With the cast iron All-in-One, your catch of the day can be grilled, steamed, or smoked. Follow these steps for perfectly smoked trout or smoked salmon.

  • Soak a few handfuls of cedar wood chips about 30 minutes before prepping your coals using a charcoal chimney
  • Set up the tripod and coal tray, then add the hot coals
  • Place the All-in-One cast iron grill base on the tripod and add about one cup of water to the bottom, then add the pre-soaked wood chips
  • Place a seasoned filet or full fish on the grill grate in the base
  • Place the lid on the grill and tend the coals to keep them heating the base of the grill

As the water in the bottom of the grill heats, it will steam and cook the fish. When the water cooks off, the wood chips will begin to smoke and infuse your fish with a pleasant aroma and flavor.


7. Raise the stakes with a braised appetizer.

Break out of the veggie platter routine and prepare a hot appetizer for everyone to enjoy. One of our favorite ways to use the All-in-One cast iron grill is for braising, which is an excellent way to prepare baby artichokes. Follow these steps and make your next appetizer feel like a special event.

  • Set up the tripod and load up the coal tray with a tall pile of hot charcoal
  • Oil the interior of the cast iron grill base and let it heat thoroughly
  • Add prepared baby artichokes and toss gently to get a light char while preventing sticking
  • Once the artichokes are charred to your preference, add lemon juice, white wine (or a broth of your choice with some white vinegar), garlic and water to mostly submerge the artichokes
  • Drop the coal tray down to the lower position, or open the wind block to allow for more air to pass between coals and the grill base to drop the temperature
  • Simmer artichokes for 20 minutes or until tender

Using the All-in-One cast iron grill to expand your outdoor menu will elevate your dining experiences from backyard barbecues to campground cookouts.

We Found The Best Camping Tent for 2021.

We Found The Best Camping Tent for 2021.

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